The Online & Offline Coupon Habits of Millennials

If you're confused about millennials, rest assured, you're not alone.

They are saddled with student loan debt, filled to the gills with avocado toast, and perpetually glued to their Snapchat stream.

They are, without question, a strange and curious and intriguing bunch (while I'm not one personally, I have met more than my share).

All of this is what makes CouponFollow's Millennial Shopping report resonate so loudly and render so many confused. The report explores the purchasing decisions of Americans between the ages of 20-35 and the implications for retailers both online and off.

CouponFollow's report revealed that 79 percent of millennials say that finding the best deals will impact their purchasing decision when shopping online, and 69 percent search for coupon codes with the majority spending at least 3 minutes searching for such. The report also indicated that 56 percent follow brands on social media to gain early access to deals and savings.

What this really illustrates is that the future of retail will require a truly hybrid approach. Retailers, online and off, will need to bridge the gap seamlessly between their online and offline experience.

Is your company read to provide such an omnichannel experience? What steps have you taken to optimize for this new reality?