The Skills Shortage a Major Recruiting Concern

Nearly seven in ten (69 percent) businesses indicate their greatest recruiting concern is the skills shortage, and that number rises to 80 percent for those that fill more than 2,500 roles per year, according to Talent Tech Labs' 2017 State of Talent Acquisition Technology report.

When all the recruiters (and jobs) are replaced with AI, of course, this won't be an issue, but in the meantime, some of the highlights of the study are interesting: 

+ 80 percent of HR and talent acquisition leaders voiced concern that a shortage of work visas will make talent acquisition more difficult.

+ 79 percent of talent acquisition leaders expect their role in securing non-employee talent to increase over the next 1-2 years.

+ 45 percent of respondents indicated that candidate sourcing technology is the area most likely to see rapid investment and development, almost twice as high as the next area for growth.

"Throughout history, innovative technology has proven itself to be the greatest enabler of change, and this is certainly the case in the talent acquisition space," said Brian Delle Donne, President of Talent Tech Labs. "It comes as no surprise to us that leading businesses are relying on the latest technology to develop creative workforce solutions meant to bridge the gap between today's challenges and the future of work."