Tinder Swipes Left on Spam

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 02 Apr, 2015

Tinder is fighting spam on its mobile app with the help of TeleSign.

Through a combination of real-time risk analysis of phone numbers attached to user accounts and SMS-based verification techniques, mobile identity company TeleSign has supported Tinder in protecting its user base and its brand. In fact, since leveraging TeleSign, spam on Tinder has decreased by 90 percent.

"The network that TeleSign has is an enormous advantage and it is exactly what we needed. It is a huge feat to categorize the billions of phone numbers out there and that's something we could never do. It's really impressive and has been a great pairing for us," said Tinder CTO Ryan Ogle.

Tinder strengthened its security by implementing TeleSign's PhoneID and SMS Verification products. Through the products, TeleSign provides a risk assessment score for new accounts being created on Tinder by analyzing massive volumes of real-time and historical data and usage patterns for phone numbers. Tinder uses these scores to determine which new accounts should be challenged via TeleSign's SMS Verification product. TeleSign then sends a time-based one-time passcode over SMS for users to confirm within the app. This process ensures that the phone number registered to the account is legitimate, as well as prevents bulk registrations and reduces fake accounts.

"Once we had TeleSign in place, we were able to block fraudulent accounts in a much more sophisticated way. It's been 100 percent accurate and we've seen about a 90 percent reduction in spam traffic as a result," Ogle said.

It is important to note that all of these security capabilities are delivered via TeleSign's REST API.

"Tinder is known for its impressive growth and almost ubiquitous brand presence. A robust security force is critical in limiting spam and protecting its reputation. With our expertise and global scale we were able to come in quickly and wipe out a large percentage of Tinder's spam traffic," said TeleSign CEO Steve Jillings.