Top Tech and Trends in Q1 2015

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 12 May, 2015

Atlanta-based website backup CodeGuard is shedding light on top technologies and trends used by digital businesses with the release of its "Q1 State of the Web" report.

According to the report, the most popular website technology being used is jQuery (82 percent), followed by Google Analytics (65.2 percent). Moreover, of websites using emerging JavaScript tools, 80.4 percent are using AngularJS and 19.5 percent are using Backbone.js. 

Additional data shows that the median page load time on the Web in first quarter was 1.7 seconds, while the median website size was 217.89 MB and the median size of databases was 3.88 MB. Google Webmaster tools also found that 51 percent of websites are not optimized for mobile.

It is also important to note that CodeGuard took a look at CMS trends, finding that 78.8 percent of websites use WordPress, followed by 7.2 percent using Joomla and 5.3 percent using Drupal (see image). For WordPress, the top active themes are Avada, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven, Weaver II Pro and Dynamik-Gen. Conversely, the top installed plugins are Akismet, WQordPress SEO, Contact Form, WordPress Importer and Wordfence Security.