Trademark Insight (and action) at Adgooroo

If you have invested the time and money trademarking your business name, you'll need to monitor that trademark to ensure it's not abused by others. While it's relatively easy to see who's gunning for you in the natural rankings of popular search engines, it's actually much more complicated when it comes to paid search... or is it?

Competitive marketing intelligence provider Adgooroo today unveiled Version 7.0 of Trademark Insight which detects potential trademark infringement by identifying competitors bidding on or using marketers' trademarks in their advertising copy online. Adgooroo is offering a single, free license on the upgraded version for a limited time to new customers and if you've got a trademark you are trying to protect I highly advise you at least check it out.

Marketers will be able to use the trademark monitoring tool to prevent competitive bidding and unauthorized usage of trademarked terms by monitoring their trademarks on six search engines in 16 countries and track all competitors (even those employing geo-targeting and dayparting evasion strategies) bidding on trademarked terms through deep scans of ads from over 155 ad servers. The benefit of the tool is that marketers are able to view the actual copy and average position of competing ads and track infringements back to the ad server or affiliate and automatically generate complaint letters.

A manual review of every possible location that Adgooroo covers would take months and by that time the threat may be gone.

"In the current economic climate, it's more important than ever for marketers to protect their brand, so AdGooroo is offering a complimentary Trademark Insight license for interested new customers," said AdGooroo Founder and CEO, Rich Stokes. "Feedback is essential to our success, and we've made dramatic improvements to usability based on comments heard from customers. Trademark Insight is now better designed to provide the best quality data to empower marketers, while also streamlining a previously cumbersome and manual task."