Trust is (Severely) Lacking on the Web

Trust is the sole building block upon which the hope of conversion rests. Too often however, information publishers, service providers and Internet retailers, don't give establishing and maintaining trust the priority it deserves.

Privacy management solution provider TRUSTe today released the 2nd Consumer Confidence Edition of its Privacy Index Series which measuers privacy concerns of U.S. consumers and the impact it has on business. The recent findings reveals that 91 percent of U.S. online adults worry about their privacy in general, 88 perecent avoid doing business with companies that don't protect privacy, and 52 percent don't completely trust companies with their personal information. That's not good in any way, shape or digital form.

"TRUSTe's findings show that consumer worry and mistrust remain a clear and present danger in the online world," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "To capitalize on growing online and mobile technologies, businesses must act now to dispel these consumer concerns. By delivering transparency and choice, good privacy management practices have been shown to build customer trust, allowing businesses to strengthen their brand's reputation while pursuing new online opportunities."

Now while TRUSTe provides services directly to businesses which aim to alleviate much of the problem, businesses have any size need to realize just how important a role that trust plays in the conversion process and continually seek out ways to maintain the trust that's already been built.