Umbrella Today: Brilliant Simplicity

Umbrella Today is about as simple as a website and service can get. You enter your ZIP code and the site tells you if you should bring an umbrella with you today. But their SMS offering is where the site excels.

Enter your phone number and you'll be notified at a time you specify any day that rain is expected in your area. As mobile services go, this one is perfect. Instead of waking up and flipping on the local news or needing to open up your mobile browser, you'll get the report delivered right to your phone before heading out the door. It's simple and a service that gets to the heart of mobile convenience.

So, what part of your business would be valuable as an SMS service? Perhaps, knowing that your customers have browsed for a particular product lately on your website, you could notify them of a recent price drop? Maybe there are only a few of that item remaining in stock and they should buy now before its too late?

If you're interested in taking advantage of the potential of SMS marketing, check out Tatango's offerings.