URL by Match Type in adCenter & Yahoo!

Advertisers running search campaigns on Bing and Yahoo have a new feature at their disposal - custom URLs by Match Type

The capability provides advertisers with greater control and visiblity into match type performance, enabling advertisers to include a unique destination URL for each keyword match type within the same ad group. 

Before the introduction of URL by Match Type, a keyword could represent any and all of the match types for a given keyword in the same ad group. For the keyword "car" for example, advertiser might pay $3.00 for an exact bid, $1.50 for a phrase bid, and $2.00 for a broad bid - and have to use the same URL for all. But now, advertisers are able to manage each destination URL by the match type independently. In short, all keyword and match types combinations are unique. 

The improvement provides a better user experience when advertisers are working on both adCenter and GoogleAdwords as it eliminates the need for workarounds and familiates more complet and acurrate campaign data imports.