UserVoice is Full Service - Kudos

Soliciting feedback and providing support to customers is an ongoing challenge for website owners and Internet professionals. While there is no shortage of acceptable solutions on the market today, there is always room for one more - particularly if it's an innovative one and UserVoice's Full Service offering fits the bill.

The customer engagement solution is unique in that it rewards support staff for replying quickly and receiving "kudos." Pretty interesting, right?

The "Full Service" solution combines a hosted service for gathering and prioritizing product ideas from a customer base and a helpdesk support system - which is by far the most intriguing aspect.

Based on game mechanics and the concept of positive reinforcement, UserVoice seems to create an almost 'fun' environment for help teams as it gives customer the chance to thank support staff and enables those support staff to both enjoy the appreciation and track the positivity they bring to the customers. Support personnel can also watch the success rates of their fellow teammates via a group dashboard.

"Building customer loyalty is critical for startups to grow their revenue, but in today's social world, getting there takes a more human approach to customer relationships," said Richard White, founder and CEO of UserVoice. "A lot of our customers' ideas went into Full Service. They told us they loved our feedback product but also needed a help desk solution that could be managed in the same environment. They felt most ticketing systems were clunky and painful and wanted the same excellent user experience as our existing UserVoice tools. With their ideas for direction, we built Full Service to raise the bar on what great customer engagement should be."

Pricing for UserVoice Full Service, including UserVoice Feedback and UserVoice Helpdesk, start at $5 per month.

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