Using Click Automations to Build a Better Marketing Funnel

Consumers' inboxes are incredibly noisy and cluttered.

According to The Radicati Group, for example, the total number of emails sent and received each day could reach nearly 250 billion by the end of 2019.

As a result, it is now more important than ever for email marketers to send segmented and targeted messages so that not only will they reach their audience, but drive action.
AWeber, one of the longest operating email marketing (and automation software) providers, recently released a feature that will make it possible for users to segment their audience and send more relevant emails to their subscribers based on the links they interact with (click), delivering content based on an individual subscriber's behavior, interests and preferences, which can then drive an increase in sales and revenue.
Setting up automated emails and click automations can be accomplished by using AWeber's drag-and-drop automation builder, Campaigns. Users can also choose from AWeber's extensive collection of over 700 mobile-responsive HTML email templates to craft their messages.
Click automation and email automation are both included for all users at no additional cost. Pricing for up to 500 subscribers and sending unlimited emails starts at $19/month and includes access to our award-winning live customer solutions team 7 days a week.
"Since 1998, our mission at AWeber has been simple: connect people in remarkable ways using the world's easiest-to-use email platform," said Tom Kulzer, AWeber's founder and CEO.

"Email continues to be a strong driver of revenue and business growth for small businesses. As technology evolves, the attention of email subscribers becomes even more limited. We believe that using click automations to send the most relevant and targeted emails will enable our users to deliver more value and build stronger relationships with their prospects and customers."