Using Data to Personalize the Adaptive Journey

David Harp
by David Harp 16 Jan, 2023

What two things go great together? That's right - marketing automation and personalization! 

Personalization platform Evergage and marketing automation solution Act-On Software recently announced they have joined forces in a partnership integration that will make it possible to leverage email engagement data to personalize and ultimately improve a customer's Web and mobile app experience.

The integration will likely be well received by marketers as they will now be able to deploy email campaigns and automated programs that leverage true behavioral insights from Evergage as well as engagement and demographic data captured in Act-On, making it possible to deliver personalized content (factoring in each customer's behavior, history and preferences) as recipients open the email message.

The integration will also make it possible to unify experiences across channels thanks to the ability to deliver personalized web experiences that adapt to every visitor (or account) based on their record of email engagement. When a recipient clicks through to a company's website from an Act-On email campaign, for example, Evergage will detect the unique URL parameters and then personalize the content for the individual based on their behavior, intent, source, location and other attributes.

"Marketing is about building relationships, but doing so authentically, consistently, and at scale poses a challenge for most marketers," said Michelle Huff, CMO of Act-On Software. "Which is why at Act-On, we are trying to solve for this by empowering marketers with the tools they need to build personalized, Adaptive Journeys to engage with their customers across multiple channels. Our partnership with Evergage underscores our commitment to making this vision a reality."