Using Outbrain's Extended Network to Reach Target Audiences at Scale

Sal Branson
by Sal Branson 06 Sep, 2017

Content discovery platform Outbrain is introducing a new solution for its programmatic offering.

The new Outbrain Extended Network (OEN) enables marketers to access additional native inventory and buy those ad placements using cost-per-click pricing as opposed to paying for impressions.

The solution essentially streamlines how marketers can access native inventory. In the past, advertisers and marketers needed to work directly with each publisher or supply-side platform, but as you might imagine that turned out to be somewhat challenging when it came to synchronizing and optimizing bidding strategy and budget. OEN aims to eliminate that problem.

"We recognize that the native advertising space is young and constantly evolving. Our clients are asking for easy and scalable ways to reach their target audiences," said Yaron Galai, Founder and CEO of Outbrain.

"Now, with Outbrain Extended Network, marketers have access to thousands of additional native ad placements and can continue to leverage Outbrain's unique user interest graph data and post-click engagement and conversion data to reach the audiences most receptive to their message. OEN takes the effectiveness of native advertising and combines it with the scale of display."

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