Verifying Employees for Enterprise Discount Programs

It's not uncommon for enterprises to offer an employee-discount program for recreational items like movie or concert tickets, but even though staff members are demanding more and more perks from their employers, not everyone is taking advantage of these offerings. 

SheerID looks to help encourage participation with its new Employee Verification system that instantly verifies employees against data using just the name, address and company name. SheerID can instantly verify 65 million employees from over 44,000 employers, including the federal government and 75 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. SheerID has some numbers from a recent study to back up how a solution like this could work to increase participation:

- Only 22 percent of those whose companies offer an employee discount program use it often, with 72 percent noting they only sometimes use it.

- Forty-six percent would use it more often if it were easier to use.

- Fifty-one percent would use it more often if they could use it to shop directly with the companies that offer the discounts in-store and online.

- Twenty-seven percent of qualified respondents shared their discount with those that didn't qualify.

"While many enterprises offer employee purchase programs, it's clear that there are steps they need to take to help these programs reach their true potential," said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. "This product was developed to give these enterprises not only more opportunities to leverage partner relationships, but also create a better customer experience for employees who are eligible for these offers."