Virtually Instant Custom Websites

The Web is full of agencies and individuals who overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to website design and development. 

As it stands, small business owners spend thousands of dollars and invest months of their time on custom development and design or try one of the many DIY website builders available. Instabuild, a custom website platform, looks to change these limiting options. 

"The reality is, these small business owners don't need websites with all the extra bells and whistles, they need something quick, easy and uncomplicated that works," said Instabuild Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Sarah Zimmerman. "It's that simple. Instabuild is our remedy to this epidemic. We believe good design should never be compromised. Every person deserves access to beautiful and functional websites-and that's just what we aim to do."

Instabuild was built entirely on an internally developed platform they call "Without Code." It is a socket-based, asynchronous platform, allowing for real-time editing and faster load speeds. 

"The goal of the platform is to streamline custom Web design and development processes while eliminating any need to touch code," said Instabuild Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Wallace. "We have automated several steps in the process in order to fulfill our promise at being the fastest in the industry, but this does not mean we have sacrificed quality for speed. Every single line of code and each individual pixel is purposeful, and most importantly, functional."

Instabuild offers separate hosting and maintenance plans starting at $15 per month, with an array of add-ons, SEO services and other options.