Visa Unveils TrialPay Acquisition

Visa has agreed to acquire monetization solutions provider TrialPay, which is a privately held company with an offers platform that connects merchants with consumers via targeted promotions.

Through the acquisition, Visa plans to integrate TrialPay into its product portfolio to help merchants acquire customers, drive traffic and increase sales by reaching Visa cardholders with targeted offers. According to Visa's announcement, the company is focusing on building deeper merchant relationships by providing merchants with solutions to better serve their needs. For example, TrialPay's technology will enable Visa to strengthen its merchant offers capabilities and drive commerce opportunities through customized, real-time offers to cardholders. Moreover, by integrating TrialPay's technology with existing Visa network assets, merchants will be able to receive more timely and valuable customer insights through Visa's data and analytics capabilities.

"This acquisition aligns with Visa's strategy to work more closely with merchants, developing solutions that help them to grow their businesses and build stronger customer relationships," said Ramon Martin, senior vice president, merchant sales and solutions, Visa Inc. "TrialPay will strengthen our loyalty and offers platform, which we expect to become a strategic and competitive differentiator that can help merchants build customer loyalty and increase sales in both the digital and physical retail environments."

Visa's current suite of merchant solutions and services focus on helping merchants grow sales and loyalty, build omni-channel commerce experiences and reduce risk via enhanced customer authorization, risk monitoring and fraud analytics. It is important to note that the TrialPay acquisition is expected to complete in the third quarter of 2015.