Visual Communication App From LucidChart

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 30 Jun, 2011

A Web-based visual communication application called LucidChart has recently become available with full offline functionality and real-time collaboration features.

The offline mode is part of the application, automatically switches to offline and syncs all application data as soon as the user comes back online. Users can both edit and create documents whether or not they have Web access.

LucidChart offers a solution for Web professionals looking to organize and communicate information through diagrams, wireframes, app mockups, flowcharts, mind maps or other visual images. Its drag and drop interface makes visual communication available to a new class of users. LucidChart also offers the ability to collaborate with others in real-time, including group chat for live interaction.

"More and more software is being delivered in the cloud, but one of the major shortcomings of Web apps is what happens when users aren't connected," says Karl Sun, LucidChart CEO. "With our full-featured offline mode, users can create or edit any of their documents no matter where they are. The entire experience is seamless and fits right into each user's natural workflow."

The browser-based application is built on open standards, including HTML5, so it works on virtually any internet-enabled device on any operating system without the need for plug-ins. Users can create a diagram on a computer at work, view it one their phone in a cab or touch it up on their iPad at home. Team members can collaborate on charts whether they are using Windows, Mac or Linux platforms.