Watch Out Performance Marketers

Those within the performance marketing community might want to pay attention - it looks as though there is a new quality sheriff in town and it goes by the name of Bevo Media.

The company recently introduced fingerprint tracking, a technology which identifies a user based on setting within that users browser. Fingerprint tracking, which is used most often by financial institutions to detect online fraud, is being used by Bevo Media for the first time in the performance marketing/cost per acquisition industry.

Affiliate networks and tracking platforms typically use cookie tracking and subID's, but Bevo Media believes those methods are accurate just 80 percent of the time. When millions of dollars are at stake as they are in the CPA industry, technologies like fingerprint tracking will be welcome by advertisers and networks alike as they work without cookies and can be tracked across multiple domains.

"Fingerprint tracking is absolutely the future," said Bevo Media's Founder and President Ryan Bukevicz. "I don't think affiliates and networks realize how much money they are losing from the lack of technology in the performance marketing space."