Web-based Client Billing, Time Tracking

If you're a freelancer struggling with time management and expense tracking, take a look at Time59, an excellent Web-based client billing system. Time 59 is free for 30 days; if you're a freelancer it's definitely a solution to check out.

There are four basic elements to Time59: Clients, Projects, Time Records and Expense Records.

Clients are the people or companies that you are providing services to, track time and expenses for, and invoice. When you sign in to Time59 the first thing you see is the Client List. Here you can add new clients, edit information for existing clients, or jump to perform other tasks for the clients.

Projects categorize the activities performed for a client. When entering time for a client you can specify a project you have created for that client. An hourly billing rate is also defined for each project. This allows Time59 to calculate billing amounts and produce invoices.

Time Records represent billable hours worked. Time59 is designed to allow you to quickly and accurately enter time. Once the time is entered, Time59 takes over. You can display detailed and summarized views of your activity for any time period you specify. You will also be able to produce invoices based on the time records you have entered.

Expense Records represent expenses incurred while working for clients. You will be able bill clients for these expense records on invoices along with time records.