Web Masters: A More Human Form

The Web design and development world is full of innovative companies and people, but with so much competition, what Internet professionals hear and read about can be skewed.

Website Magazine reached out to the tech community for its Web Masters feature to spotlight all sorts of offerings propelling the Internet forward.

Up first is Typeform. Often compared to other form-builder platforms, Typeform is more than that as users can build forms, of course, but also simple apps with complex workflows in the background. Typeform counts Uber, Nike, MailChimp, Red Bull and others as its clients. Typeform Co-Founder and Joint CEO, David Okuniev, dishes more about his company below:

Great UX Doesn't Stop at Forms

"As consumers, we've been conditioned to just accept the experiences we're given, however bad they may be. We wanted to shine a light on the dark corner of online forms, and sweep away the cobwebs.

So many beautifully designed websites and apps seem to give up once they actually interact with their audience - think shopping carts, contact forms, feedback surveys, job applications for candidates, etc. If you think about it, it doesn't make sense. Why should a great user experience stop when you're ready to connect with a brand in some way?

Typeform produces a conversational, friendly and engaging experience that users are raving about."

The Future of Forms

"Our guiding mission is to make things a little more human. Think of the movie Her. Until we've successfully made human-computer interactions as portrayed in that movie, we probably won't stop innovating. Maybe we can even convince Scarlett Johansson to join us too."

The Demand

"Currently we're used by a lot of design-centered startups, event planners, educators and makers in general. Typeform has a long list of horizontal use cases. If you think of any moment where your website/app/email interacts with your customers/users/audience, Typeform can probably step in. It can do beautiful job applications, feedback forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages and shopping carts. It does more, though. You can validate products, create interactive stories, and, well, you get the idea! Think of it like lego - you can build any kind of interaction you like."

Trends in Design

"A definite shift toward human-centered design, without a doubt. Technology is becoming more human, we see it every day. We made Typeform to contribute to that movement in some, small way. As long as people keep striving to make things more human, we think we'll be sticking around. People aren't satisfied pushing out mediocre experiences to the most important part of their company-their staff and customers."


"We're launching a brand new, shiny blog shortly. The blog is titled "A little more human." You'll read about the people and companies who are pushing the boundaries of user experience in the profit, nonprofit, and government sectors all over the world. Come on by and say hello!"