Web Tech Watch For the Digital Digerati

New technologies are introduced on the Web every day. While some end up being huge successes, others are quickly deemed duds.

The following are a few of the coolest solutions, services and tools that the digerati (yes, that's a thing - but don't tell anyone) have been discussing, sharing among themselves and beta testing until their fingers have grown numb from clicking - and you get a sneak peek.


A Web-based photo retouching tool that offers useful editing features, including adjustments for color temperature, exposure, contrast, distortions, watermarks and more.


A SaaS-based website security scanner that audits more than 100 attack vectors, offering a mix of zero-day and signature-based scanning.


A wireframing extension for Adobe Illustrator, ideal for building user interfaces for mobile and desktop devices.


An automated photo recognition technology that automates image annotation tasks, ideal for processing large volumes of images and photos.


A desktop app that provides context on code reviews and pull requests, making the review process easier thanks to side-by-side comparisons.


An A/B testing tool for application (smartphone and tablet) meta-data including icons, screenshots, name, price and description.


A platform to develop interactive infographics and data visualizations without the support of designers, programmers or data analysts.


An app store optimization solution, enabling users to search for any app's active keywords, track search positions, monitor and analyze competitors and receive real-time notifications about rankings.


An IFTTT-style platform that fixes server alerts automatically. If an alert occurs, developers can automatically run a resolution script or a diagnostic script to manage the potentially devastating issue.


A simple way to add a site search function to a website or mobile app. Denote offers analytics, custom search results (with inclusion/exclusion rules) and a developer API for those with advanced demands.


A Web application that converts all inbound email requests (and replies) into support tickets, keeping them organized.