Web Tech Watch: Mondly, Radar, Clara, Signbot and More

Welcome to another edition of Website Magazine's Web Tech Watch series, a special roundup profiling some of the most interesting and inspiring Web-related technologies, tools, products and services our digital community has come across this week.

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly change how humans interact with one another. While we are only beginning to see the possibilities of AI, there are some innovative application already being made available today. 

ATi Studios, for example, the creator of language learning platform Mondly, recently released a VR app for language education that combines the artificial intelligence technology behind chat bots with speech recognition in virtual reality. The Learn Languages VR offering from Mondly allows users to practice conversing in 28 different languages with virtual characters, within realistic situations that teach language fundamentals and help build their confidence. The VR app uses Mondly's conversational voice chat bot, which was first released by the company in Aug. 2016 and has been used by millions of Mondly users, learning millions of new phrases and responses along the way thanks to the chat bot's self-learning technology.

Below are a few other digital offerings that caught the attention of Website Magazine editors this week. Log in now to share your thoughts and opinions on these startups and others.

LinkTexting: A SMS solution that aims to convert desktop traffic to mobile app downloads.

Reactive Maps: A real-time components library for building reactive UIs.

Clara 2.0: An AI-powered meeting scheduler; now includes a visual dashboard and a two-week trial.

Signbot: A Facebook messenger bot that enables users to create an email signature. 

Radar: A location platform for mobile apps that enables developers to track users, create geo-fences and more.

RookieUp: A platform designed to help aspiring creatives find and connect with mentors in  Visual Design, UX/UI Design, and more

Snappr 2.0: On-demand photography at fixed prices. Version 2 of the platform makes it possible to set style preferences and book in as little as one hour.

Leadberry: A solution enables brands to gather information (via Google Analytics) on anonymous website visitors and convert them to sales leads.