Web Tech Watch: Week 7, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Website Magazine's reach out to our editors!

:: Layers :: A really simple (and free) site builder for Wordpress. 

:: Glint :: Real-time employee engagement platform.

:: Weld :: A tool to create responsive web and app prototypes.

:: Personable.io :: A personalization-as-a-service API that provides recommendations to product users.

:: Pablo :: A tool from Buffer that enables users to design images for social media posts.

:: Plum.io :: Evaluate job applicants and internal team members with this cloud-based human resources/recruiting solution.

:: Google Security Scanner :: Developers are now able to scan their apps for vulnerabilities.

:: Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite :: Measure, monetize and improve apps with a new set of Yahoo tools for designed for mobile developers.

:: ProfitWell :: Software-as-a-service metrics (activity, growth, retention) for Stripe.

:: ChartMogul :: Cohort analysis for subscription-as-a-service sellers