Webtrends Studies the Splinternet

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting, and commissioned by Webtrends, that examines "the effect that the explosion of new devices, emerging technologies and the fragmentation of digital marketing channels" has been having on both marketers and digital marketing strategies was released today.

Webtrends is considered one of the world's leaders in unified mobile, social and Web analytics and engagement and sanctioned the study, entitled "The Implications of the Splinternet and the Future of Web Analytics," in an effort to research the potential future of Web analysis and discover emerging trends in the digital marketing environment ahead of time.

The study was conducted in May of this year with 210 global senior-level digital marketers across various industries in both the United States and Europe.

What they found was that there are many marketers who seem to be having trouble with the fragmentation of technology standards and customer touch-points, and that this problem persists across most, or all, digital platforms and devices.

According to a Webtrends press release, the study produced three key conclusions:

- Disruption of the marketing landscape: The Splinternet, technology and channel fragmentation, leads to marketers trying to quickly adapt to a new multichannel environment and "racing to understand the Splinternet." In the study, 85 percent of the respondents said that they "Completely or Strongly Agree" that in order to best serve customers today, they have to improve their multichannel capabilities.

- Marketing strategies need rebooted: The foundations of the marketing strategies of many firms will need to be evaluated, and in some cases completely redone, in order to best establish "mutually beneficial relationships" with customers in an environment composed of new channels, technologies and high expectations from more sophisticated consumers. One question posed by the study asked what skills the respondents thought would be most important to their organization over the next five years in a post-fragmented climate. A total of 50 percent said that strategy was most important, followed by 28 percent who thought campaign planning was key.

- Multichannel success can be achieved by mastering multiple disciplines: A multidisciplinary approach will be the best way for firms to harness the opportunities that the Splinternet will present. Included in this are technology, organization, process and measurement, all of which are considered interrelated contributors to an effective campaign. Forrester found that 84 percent of respondents "Completely or Strongly Agree" that they would drive more sales and profit by establishing themselves as multichannel companies.

Webtrends Director of Product Marketing, Analytics Steve Earl says, "Clearly, as the results of this research demonstrate, future success in interactive marketing is inextricably linked to effective measurement across digital channels."

Starting on September 23, Webtrends will have a copy of the study available online here.