What Influences B2B Tech Buyers?

Enterprises selling technology products and technology services know exactly how challenging it can be to make a sale as today's buyers are experienced, sophisticated and demanding.

So what motivates them? What ultimately drives action? In many ways, it's the traditional sales experience
According to data within the " U.S. Technology Marketing Report," developed and commissioned by LAVIDGE, 40 percent of decision-makers prefer face-to-face meetings with vendors when considering purchases, and 52 percent are influenced by consulting colleagues and friends.
Perhaps the most interesting (and actionable) revelation in the report, however, is that respondents, 400 technology product and service decision-makers in the U.S., reacted strongly to advertisements that included the claims " reliable" and " easy to use."
"B2B buyers are spending billions annually on technology products and services. To stand out in a competitive industry, marketers need to be strategic about their marketing media and messages," said Stephen Heitz, chief innovation officer at LAVIDGE. "Our report answers many of the questions necessary to win your share in this growing industry.