What The Web's Saying About Google Plus

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 15 Jul, 2011

Google CEO Larry Page confirmed this week, as predicted, that the company's new social network has surpassed 10 million users in less than two weeks. While neither Facebook nor Twitter had anywhere near the global reputation that Google has when they launched their services, the 10 million mark was a long time in the making for both.

Google Plus, then, has all the makings of a real winner, and not only for the company but for millions of users and Web professionals. The big question for businesses, of course, is how to take advantage of this new and potential-filled opportunity.

To answer that question as thoroughly as we could, we scoured the Web to hear what others are saying about Google Plus, and below is some of the best actionable advice we could find:


From practical advice to tips and tricks for better success, Google+ users have plenty of resources at their disposal. Here is just a sampling from one of the links listed below:

"Business owners should be utilizing their employees who are social media savvy and passionate about the company. Use them as touch-points and allow them to post content about your business. This will also mean that, when it comes time for the "business features" of Google+ to be released, you'll have employees that understand the etiquette and environment of the network, which will be key in connecting with people."

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It didn't take long for Google+ users to form opinions about the best extensions to use with the service, and here's an example of what they're saying from one of the links below.

"Start G+ - Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter when you share something on Google+.  Additionally, it puts your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google+ feed. The only downside is that you cannot reply to or like a Facebook or Twitter post within Google+.  This extension is far from perfect, but it will do until Google adds these features."

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Users have been adding to the earliest known Google+ cheat sheets almost daily, and here's an example of some the latest comments from one of the links below:

"There have been lots of updates about the platform's new features, tips and tricks, and here is the latest one that contains most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know to use Google+ more proficiently."

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