What's Your Landing Page Score?

Landing pages are an important part of the digital marketing mix.

The better optimized they are for conversion, the greater profits your enterprise will have in the long run. Website Magazine has covered the practice of landing page optimization in great detail (see some links below) but often it's nice to have an indepenent review of these important assets to make sure they're satisfying expectations and working for, and not against, us.

WorldData today launched LandingPageScore.com, a free tool to help marketers check the design and marketing effectiveness of landing pages in relation to established best practices - and hopefully improve their response rates along the way. Over 200 rules are tested through the platform and could give marketers a solid understanding (or at least some general insights) of which practices might result in better performance.

In addition to this new application, Worldata also previously released SubjectLine.com last year, which provides information for marketers looking to improve email open-rates and response rates overall.

Worldata is planning on releasing apps for the service on App Store and Google Play soon.

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