Wix Gets Omnichannel with Square

Web design solution solution Wix announced this week that it has partnered with Square, enabling enterprises and merchants using the offering to process credit card payments online and in-person through a mobile device based POS (point-of-sale).

The Square integration essentially provides Wix clients an additional POS option, managing the store and its catalog through the Wix app and accept payments with Square. Ultimately, that makes Wix somewhat of an omnichannel ecommerce solution.

"We are constantly enhancing our ecommerce experience for our subscribers and their shoppers. We know that for small businesses both ecommerce and mobile functionality are crucial," said David Schwartz, VP of ecommerce, at Wix. "Growth of our ecommerce and transaction-enabled subscriptions continues to exceed our overall subscriptions growth, highlighting our broad reach with small businesses. Today, Wix manages more than 305,000 ecommerce subscriptions globally. Now, by integrating the Wix App with the Square POS, users can accept payments in any location."