Wufoo Gets (very) Notification Friendly

Online form building service Wufoo announced this week that they have made some serious headway into real time notification integrations. 

The Wufoo notification platform enables users to send real time updates about entries collected in Wufoo to Web applications such as Twitter, Campaign Monitor, HighRise, Campfire, MailChimp, Freshbooks and Webhooks. Let's dig a little deeper.

Perhaps the most newsworthy feature (but far from the most interesting in my opinion) is the ability tie Wufoo into Twitter. The integration enables members of your team to stay up to date about form activity. Wufoo and Twitter together could also help you build some excitement around events by showing participation in real-time. 

Wufoo has also integrated with a few email services, including Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. Both of these integrations essentially enable Wufoo users add new leads to their database without having to import CSV files, including custom fields and/or conditional checkboxes.