Xignite and Wolfram|Alpha Partner for Financial Web Services

Xignite, a cloud service provider of financial Web services for corporate applications, has announced that it will be working with computation knowledge engine Wolfram|Alpha.

Information delivered by Xignite will be aggregated and analyzed by Wolfram|Alpha before it is returned to the user in the form of charts and graphs for comparative study.

Integrating Xignite enables Wolfram|Alpha to provide financial information for queries as simple as "biggest automotive company," or as complex as "what is General Electric's dividend per share in euros." The integration also enables Wolfram|Alpha to return results in locally-adjusted currencies, based on real-time rates and location awareness.

"Wolfram|Alpha's goal is to be the single source for definitive answers to factual queries, and we rely on acquiring and processing data in a vast number of areas," said Peter Overmann, executive director of research and development at Wolfram Research, Inc. "In a climate where there's tremendous demand for financial tools and information, we've set out to create the best possible financial portal where all analyses and visualizations are calculated in real time, as users put in their questions. Xignite has met all of our expectations in terms of the scope, quality, and performance of its data services, and we look forward to working with the company as we expand Wolfram|Alpha."

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