Your Event is Going to Need a Website

In-person events provide brands with a variety of ways to engage current and prospective customers both before, during and after the event. 

Among other questions, companies looking to host an event often wonder if they should build a dedicated event website or simply add a landing page to their existing site. The answer is probably both, but the former is typically difficult to do, especially without a dedicated in-house designer or a limited budget. Bizzabo, an event management platform, is looking to reduce the creative and cost burden for its customers, however, with its new event website builder. 

Designed for event organizers without coding experience, Bizzabo's website builder can help them produce a website within minutes and includes a fully responsive Web design, SEO features, the ability to sell tickets and more, including many customization options (templates, fonts, colors and other design elements). 

The website builder is included free of charge for organizers using Bizzabo's event platform.