Ziftr Embraces the Cryptocurrency Movement

Ziftr, which develops products, tools and apps for the ecommerce shopping experience, has released an application program interface (API) which will enable retailers to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and other types of cryptocurrency.

Retailers that adopt the API will have access to real-time pricing and inventory updates, as well as acess to additional sales channels (including Lycos Shopping and Ziftr's own marketplace). The API will also enable retailers to accept Ziftr's emerging cryptocurrency Ziftrcoin which is scheduled for released in mid-November.

"At Ziftr, we truly believe we have what it takes to change the shopping experience for the better, and the API is a huge step toward getting retailers to be part of our shopping revolution," said Bob Wilkins, CEO, Ziftr.

"Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have proven that they're here to stay, and it's easy to understand why: They have low to non-existent transaction fees as opposed to high credit card transaction fees, and they are highly secure, helping retailers to avoid credit card fraud disasters like the recent ones at Target and Home Depot. We've already had inquiries from a handful of well-known merchants that are excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency via the Ziftr API, and we anticipate many more in the coming months."