5 Apps That Make Running a Business Easier

Dylan Chadwick
by Dylan Chadwick 07 Feb, 2015

Starting or managing a business from the ground up was never an easy task. According to Intellectsoft, the three biggest issues today's business owners face are creating a virtual office, communicating with customers and implementing cost-effective marketing strategies. Fortunately, today's mobile world offers an endless number of convenient solutions to these problems, allowing you to handle your everyday tasks, as well as those unforeseen issues, with ease. 

Skype - This communications app is a great one for the virtual office. Skype allows real-time communication between users through video chat, voice chat or instant messaging. By combining these tools, one can easily send links, share pictures, or remotely view a situation while it's  happening. It's also compatible with virtually any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, ensuring sophisticated communication with your entire staff and clients on any platform. 

PayPal - While there's a host of payment options available, PayPal is a definite leader. It's tried and true functionality allows consumers to make secure purchases through the app from a balance on PayPal, their bank, a credit card or even through PayPal Credit. Transferring money between PayPal accounts is quick, easy and secure and allows instant access to the money through the use of a PayPal MasterCard. On top of allowing customers to pay you using their handy PayPal accounts, PayPal, also features a convenient to use card reader and an app allowing you to accept payments from any credit card using your smartphone.

Evernote - This versatile app works just like an old notebook or portfolio system only better. Evernote syncs up with multiple devices and these shared "notebooks" allow you to sync information with multiple users. In addition to simple note-taking , Evernote can save screenshots, bookmark websites, includes a work chat feature, notification alarms and can organize everything from documents to Web pages to pictures.

Dropbox - These days a computer or server failure spells disaster for anyone without a backup. Cloud-based backup systems, like Dropbox, allow you to store information remotely  and access it from any connected device no matter where you are. It also has features for sharing files with other users, and an app on most major devices.

ZenPayroll - Of course one crucial component of owning a business is keeping your employees paid. ZenPayroll allows you to streamline your payroll process and go paperless. It automatically calculates state and federal taxes and allows users to view their archived pay stubs anytime with a login.

Like the sound of these apps? Then you'll like to know there are plenty more which can be useful to you, that can access documents remotely, foster collaborative projects and even take stock of your inventory. There's an app out there for almost any business issue, just make sure to do a little research first to ensure  its track record for usefulness, reliability, and data security.

Dylan Chadwick is a content writer at Fueled, the leading iPhone app builder in New York City, renowned for its award winning mobile design and strategy.