7 Powerful Tips to Increase Mobile Loyalty

Kimber Johnson
by Kimber Johnson 25 May, 2016




The U.S. has officially become a mobile nation. Nearly two-thirds of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind. As mobile devices have become increasingly common in recent years, popular brands have taken advantage of the mobile revolution to release powerful and engaging mobile apps.


Their mobile apps utilize highly intuitive interfaces to offer an enhanced, more personal user experience. They have created a loyal following of customers both with their customer experience and other features such as loyalty programs. But, what makes popular apps stand out from the rest?


You must communicate with customers in meaningful ways to create a strong loyal following.


Here are a few important tips to guide you on how to increase loyalty for your mobile app.


Mobile first

Whether a retail business chooses a broad app or one that focuses on a specific feature, it should be delivered in such a way that it will engage the user to drive customer loyalty. A user-friendly interface is essential for any mobile app in the modern age. Make sure you have a good understanding of this before releasing an app to the market because an app with a lackluster user experience may only turn customers away from your brand.


Location awareness

Location awareness is a feature in a mobile app that delivers information based on the physical location of the device. With location awareness, it is possible to alert customers with coupons, latest deals and promotions when they are passing by your shop. Since the offer is only a short distance from the potential customer, they are very likely to drop by and have a look. This drive sales and leads to higher engagement if you deliver high-quality and relevant content.


Integrate social media

It goes without saying social media and mobile apps need to work together. Apps on their own can sometimes lack an engagement factor, but when these same apps are integrated with social media by sharing, etc., they are capable of unleashing their true power. Social media integration techniquesare not a new trend and it is obvious that they have been a game-changer for the apps that utilize them. Incorporating social media APIs such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can improve the app functionality. Allowing users to log in through their Facebook or other social media accounts is just one way you can improve your app by integrating with social functions.


Many apps are allowing users to share their content on other social networking platforms like Twitter, Google + and Facebook to expand their reach and audience. Integrating social media can also enhance the chances of your app becoming popular. These platforms promote interaction, dialogue and collaboration between thousands or millions of users. Therefore, if one user picks up something, it can possibly catch on with other users and extend the range of your content.


Push notifications

One of the key features of business apps that is used to increase engagement, loyalty and sales is the ability to send push messages. We've seen them in one form or another. Basically, they are short messages sent to mobile devices through apps. These messages can notify users of sales, offers, events, etc. They pop up in the display of a mobile device regardless of whether the app is open or closed. When the notification is received and touched, it directs the user to the app. However, in order for the users to receive push messages, they need to download the application and give their approval to receive such messages. Push notifications containing relevant information in the right place at the right time can increase a business customer base as well as customer loyalty.


Mobile wallets

For businesses of all kinds, a mobile wallet, whether it is Android Pay or Apple Pay or another, has the potential to increase sales and minimize operating costs. A mobile wallet in simple terms is just a method of paying for goods and services. In other words, it is a system of making payments and it helps customers as it is a secure way of carrying money. It is easy to use because it allows one-click pay with no need to fill in credit card numbers and passwords. While driving sales and reducing expenses are important to any merchant, one of the most often overlooked benefits associated with mobile wallet is the ability to increase customer loyalty. Google and Apple both enhanced the mobile wallet by seamlessly integrating a loyalty reward redemption program into their payment systems. So mobile wallets are not just designed for payments. Merchants can enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience by integrating withmobile wallet systems. Read all about mobile wallets here. 


Create personalized experiences

Whether we are discussing mobile gaming, social media or various online based campaigns, people of modern generations love an experience that is personalized or customized just for them and their needs. Society has created an environment in which consumers have unlimited choices. For this reason, it is of vital importance to add a touch of personalization for mobile app or Web users. Give users content tailored to their needs, location and interest. This is paramount in creating a great user experience that is not only unified but also pleasing. In this way, you'll make your app users feel unique and give them more reasons to use your app time and again.


Create a loyalty program

People love to be rewarded. The truth is, many customers will not be loyal to a brand if not for their loyalty program. However, if no one is using your loyalty program how do you expect to reap any of the benefits? A successful customer loyalty program ultimately comes down to customer adoption rates. There have been a huge number of mobile loyalty apps that have failed miserably. The main thing we have learned from their experience is that building a loyalty app alone is not enough to reach customers. You will need to integrate all the tips from this article if you want your loyalty program to succeed.


Final Thoughts

Increasing loyalty for their mobile app is a goal of any business. Sadly, it is not easy in a time when brand loyalty among mobile users is scarce, offers abound, competition is tough and choices are virtually endless. One secret that can help brands retain customers and increase loyalty for their mobile apps is a comprehensive mobile strategy focuses on improving the user experience.


Author Bio: Kimber Johnson is the co-founder of ASPEN App Design, which is a sister company of Vanity Point and Pacific App Design. He has worked within the Web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.