A Mom's Preferred Phone Isn't a Phone at All

June may be the month of dads and grads, but moms are still in the spotlight with Jumptap's most recent MobileSTAT report, which focuses on mobile insights about moms. And marketers love moms, at least they should.

Not only are moms power purchasers, but they are also power mobile users. Of the 85.4 million moms in the U.S., 34 million of them have a smartphone and 21.8 million were active on the Jumptap network last month. Data from the Jumptap network indicates, however, that the iPod Touch is the most popular smart device among moms. While not technically a smartphone, the Touch outshines the iPhone in terms of usage in the group.

In fact, moms are 114 percent more likely than the average consumer to own an iPod Touch. Other popular smart devices for moms include the Galaxy S, Galaxy Exhibit, LG Optimus and iPhone. While the iPhone is the second most popular device for Moms, they are 47 percent less likely than the average consumer to own one.

The takeaway here is that no one device can reach all moms, so advertisers need a cross-device approach. Read the full report on mobile trends within the mom segment.