AdWhirl Makes Mobile World Revolve

Just a month after launch, AdWhirl announced today that they are serving over 200 million monthly advertisements worldwide on iPhone and iPod Touch applications in the Apple App Store (and five of the top 50 applications in the App store). AdWhirl is essentially a mobile advertising platform which enables developers to serve ads from different mobile ad providers like AdMob, Quattro Wireless, Videoegg, Jumptap, and Mobclix.

"We're very excited about AdWhirl's ad platform and what it means for the mobile advertising industry. AdWhirl will help Stitcher to maximize 3rd party mobile ad revenue by providing us with the ability to choose dynamically between multiple ad campaign offerings," said Noah Shanok, founder and CEO of Stitcher, a free mobile service for listening to on-demand radio.

There are a few advantages to using AdWihrl; optimized CPM's (the service identifies the highest paying ad to display from the various participating networks), the opportunity to create custom ads (used for the cross-promotion of other applications) and guarantees 100% fill rate. Developers can set up "rollover priorities" which switch to the next available ad network (or custom ad) to provide a consistent inventory of advertisements.