AMP It Up! Speeding Up the Mobile Web with the Cloudflare CDN

Internet performance and security company Cloudflare has released a solution that it suggests will make the experienced of browsing the mobile Web as fast as using a native application. 

The new Accelerated Mobile Links product identifies links to content supporting the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format and renders it within milliseconds of that link being clicked. 

"The mobile Web has traditionally been at a performance disadvantage to native mobile applications," said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. "Accelerated Mobile Links closes this gap by ensuring AMP content is served almost instantly on any Cloudflare customer's site."

For the unfamiliar, AMP is a way to build static mobile Web pages that render quickly.

When customers turn on Accelerated Mobile Links for their Web properties, Cloudflare identifies all links that have AMP content and makes them available, natively, via a viewer inside the original page. Cloudflare reportedly worked in conjunction with Google to build the first non-Google AMP cache, which will deliver AMP links instantly for an optimized user experience.

"Working with Cloudflare on its AMP caching solution was as seamless as open-source development can be," said Malte Ubl, the technical lead for the AMP Project at Google. "Cloudflare has become a regular contributor on the project and made the code base better for all users of AMP. It is always a big step for a software project to go from supporting specific caches to many, and it is awesome to see Cloudflare's elegant solution for this."

Accelerated Mobile Links is available for free, across all of Cloudflare's plans. It can be enabled under the Speed Tab from within the Cloudflare Dashboard.