App Developers' Earnings Reason to Tap for Joy

With iTunes app store turning five next month and billions of downloads strong, there remains tremendous opportunity to earn as an app developer. 

Developers on Tapjoy's network, for example, earned more than $200 million through Tapjoy's monetization solution between 2010 and 2012.  In just 2012 alone, according to the company, 35 publishers leveraging its model earned more than $500,000, and 18 publishers earned more than $1 million. 

Among Tapjoy's top 50 app developers (based on revenue earned via Tapjoy monetization solutions) in 2012:

- 29 are based in the U.S., nine in Asia, six in Canada, and five in Europe

- Seven developers were a year old or less; for these developers combined, Tapjoy monetization solutions generated more than $6.5 million for them. Twelve developers were more than a decade old; for them, Tapjoy monetization solutions generated nearly $30 million.

- Tapjoy generated nearly $5 million for studios currently under 20 people and nearly $25 million to developers outside the U.S.

- Developers that integrated our monetization solutions for two consecutive years grew their Tapjoy alternative payment revenue an average of more than 350% year over year.