App Helps Increase Product Exposure

Want gadgets or gizmos? The Gadget Flow has plenty, which is one of the many reasons the website received more than 7 million page views within six months. And, when The Gadget Flow launched its iPhone and iPad app, there were 5,000-plus downloads within 48 hours. 


Aside from a place to purchase goods, this online buyer's guide is also a way for companies to drive traffic and awareness to their websites/products. For $25, a company can submit their product to be published on its website and for $65 it will be published and promoted via its social networks.


Businesses will appreciate The Gadget Flow's targeted audience of gadget and tech enthusiasts who respond to quality (and often quirky) product design and the editors' suggestions on a daily basis. The Gadget Flow has also built strong social media profiles with 40,000-plus Facebook followers that support the site by regularly sharing its items.


The Gadget Flow's Android App will be launching Q3 2013.


Here are a few of the site's most popular items: