Apple & Google's App Store Analytics in Focus

Chirag Leuva
by Chirag Leuva 18 Jun, 2015

As the news surfaced recently on the initiative taken by both Apple and Google in improving app store marketing tools, it's clearly the beginning of a new era. The newly unleashed tools from both companies offer a real opportunity to enhance their marketing resources to make your apps more successful. This new range of app store analytics will offer a more useful range of data and analytical insights corresponding to monetization, user experience and user behavior, landing page conversion, testing screenshots, pricing, etc. For pushing downloads and user retention further these new tools are going to cover each and every aspect that may affect app store outcomes. 

The rise of the new range of Analytic tools 

With the launch and growth of App Store and Google Play suddenly the focus has shifted to developers, marketing and monetization of apps. Until now there is a scarcity of robust analytic tools for apps. These new tools, however, will facilitate monitoring the landing page performance, keywords and screenshots of apps' metadata. 

- The performance based tracking of advertising and other monetizing avenues will be easier with these tools. 

- With these analytics tools there will be more accurate and granular level mobile tracking.  

- Developers will know the systematic aspects that lead to app store ranks and search behavior.

- There will be greater control in relation to the end results in app marketing. 

Analytics tool from Apple

The new analytic tool for developers answers a variety of questions.

- It will let the developers see the performance of their app pages territory wise. 

- It will show the respective sources that fetched most traffic for the users. 

- The tool will also allow detailed figures of user retention and analytical data concerning it. 

- The tool in overall aspects will simplify the tracking conundrum to a great extent. 

- It is supposed to provide really handy insights into landing page performance. 

Analytics tool from Google

Google's Play store analytic tool seems further advanced in respect of offering granular level analytical results. Most importantly, unlike the App Store it will allow you to test experimental assets outside of Play Store assets. 

- The A/B testing tool will let developers test and experiment with all types of assets on their app pages. Such wide testing capability will allow the developer to see which assets play a better role in drawing users and retaining them. 

- The tool from Google will allow deeper analytical output corresponding to granular aspects like screenshots, keywords, metadata, etc. 

How using these tools to your advantage? 

Utilizing these tools to the fullest of their potential can obviously enhance your chances of acquiring and retaining app users, if you optimize appropriately. 

1. Testing assets 

When the app rolls out make sure you have gathered all assets to test with these tools for respective platforms. Test different screenshots, order of screenshots, app descriptions, etc. 

2. Get insights on retention 

These tools are handy to compare user figures from time to time to gain quick insights into the retention that your app has achieved. Achieving higher retention is obviously a goal shared by all apps and now these tools offer a better way to gain useful insights on this. 

3. Find new marketing opportunities

Knowing the sources responsible for driving more traffic to your app will help you optimize your marketing maneuvers to target that source further.

To date, these two analytic tools from Google and Apple have been the most prominent leap forward for helping app marketers gain visibility, traffic and app monetizing opportunities. 

Author Bio: Chirag Leuva is the CEO of Yudiz Solutions, a mobile app development company; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.