AppMakr's AppDrop Arrives - OTA for the Enterprise

Online iOS app building platform AppMakr announced an OTA (over the air) install process that allows enterprises to create private iOS app stores.

The productm dubbed AppDrop, will enable application developers to completely bypas the iTunes AppStore, and distribute the apps on their own.

"AppDrop is the latest feature from AppMakr to make the app creation process dead simple," commented Sean Shadmand, AppMakr's Chief Strategy Officer. He continued, "Users can now test their apps directly on an iOS device without having to sync manually in iTunes with a computer. This relieves a huge headache for even the most advanced developers. App creators can share what they've built with stakeholders before going to the AppStore with as much effort it takes as to send an email, and enterprises can create private app stores for their employees, allowing apps to be downloaded from an intranet or wiki, bypassing the iTunes App Store completely."