Box Going Mobile

Box announced this morning that they have a brand new, tablet-optimized Android app, as well as a Playbook app and a new HTML5 mobile site, making it even easier for users to carry their Box wherever they go.

It's likely, very likely, that part of the reason for the roll out of these new apps has to do with Box CEO Aaron Levie's other big announcement, that the company has seen a 600% increase in enterprise sales concerning mobile use. This doesn't even compute overall mobile sales. This type of success has even led to Proctor & Gamble (one of the ten most valuable companies in America) to sign up for the cloud content management system's service.

This is huge news for Box, who, although successful, operate in an over-saturated segment of the market. I'm sure it doesn't help that Google has entered the game with Google Docs and Google Apps, and Dropbox has already secured the position as the go-to standard for online document sharing and collaboration. As far as large enterprises are concerned, SharePoint seems to be the most commonly used ECM out there.

But this announcement shows the brilliance of the people at Box. They just made their niche even more niche by expanding into mobile. They boast, and market, what may be the best mobile ECM on the market, and they have begun to integrate with Google Docs, SharePoint and a few other ECM systems. Now, Box finds itself as the best way to combine the hugely popular Google Docs with other ECM systems, and take those documents mobile.

For those curious, the recently unveiled Android app will replace the company's existing Android app and work on smartphones and tablets by optimizing viewing depending on the device.