Brainshark Gets Mobile with Sales Enablement

Learning management system Brainshark is taking a step in what seems to be the right direction, making its "sales enablement platform" accessible to mobile users accessing its video presentations and courses on the smartphones (in additions to tablets).

The Brainshark interface is now optimized for smartphones so sales reps can find, view and share content. Previously designed for desktop and tablet access, Brainshark iPhone and Android Experience offers landing page shortcuts for quick access to featured presentations, the ability to search for relevant content, the ability to interact with video presentations by pausing and navigating to different parts of the presentation, as well as being able to share presentations by email. 

"Salespeople are often 'just-in-time' learners, so it's important to provide them with convenient, anytime access to course materials and sales presentations" said Brainshark President Greg Flynn. "With our latest product enhancements, we're making it even easier for sales reps and other users to get relevant content, right at their fingertips, at the moment they need it - whether they're at their desk or on the road."