Bringing Data Sharing to the 21 Cenutry

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 20 Jun, 2014

Let's face it, as humans we forget and break things all the time.

Whether we break our phones or forget our lunches its always frustrating. One company is trying to eliminate the need to physically bring along digital information (e.g. via flash drive) or to simply remember to transfer information from one device to another.

From the team that developed MyPad, comes a new company called DoubleVision. The new company is aiming to change the lack of communication between devices with the release of its self-titled app.

Essentially, DoubleVision's app syncs all of a user's iOS devices and computers together. In other words, users will not need to transfer links manually, files, pictures, maps or videos because they are automatically sync'd on all devices. Users can also send information from their computers to any iOS device via a "Send to Phone" button that is displayed on websites once users download the Google Chrome extension.

"As smart as our current devices are, they're inept when it comes to communicating with each other or transferring information," says DoubleVision founder, Cole Ratias. "Apple's iOS8 brings a number of advances but we're excited to go even further by bringing the future of second screen technology to any screen, including iOS and Android mobile devices, desktop computers, or even a display you pass by in the mall."

DoubleVision is only availble on iOS devices and the Chrome Web browser.