Bringing Mobile Games from Concept to Fully Realized Product

Consumers' addiction and love for their smartphones has made mobile applications and games a hot commodity.


The FunPlus Group, a mobile social gaming company, has announced the creation of PublishingPlus, a new mobile game publishing program that provides game developers with an alternative to "traditional" publishing.


The new publishing program will provide independent partners with a range of financial and operational support. According to The FunPlus Group, "the program will give developers clearly defined, pre-negotiated milestones and deliverables to ensure concreate expectations for both parties with significantly mitigated risk." Developers that elect to use PulishingPlus for their games will receive 50/50 net revenue split with the program as well as 100 percent upfront financial support from concept to launch and ownership of their IP.


The publishing program is currently open for all free-to-play developers to apply.


"PublishingPlus is a major step into the future of mobile game publishing," said FunPlus Co-founder and CEO Andy Zhong. "The current market has let too many great games fall by the wayside due to uncertainty. By eliminating that confusion and offering FunPlus' wealth of experience and resources, we hope to change this trend so that talented developers have a chance to shine."