Clickatell Launches New Mobile Marketing Platform

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 05 Apr, 2012

Mobile messaging provider Clickatell has launched a social mobile solution that aims to give small and medium-sized businesses the short message service (SMS) tools required for mobile marketing campaigns to engage new customers and deepen existing customer relationships.

The Clickatell Mobile Campaign Manager (CMCM) is designed to unite customer communication, community creation and customer analytics. The platform is potentially ideal for regional businesses and is scalable to be effective for marketing programs capable of reaching from hundreds up to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Early users of CMCM include restaurant and retail franchises, hospitality environments, entertainment venues and the advertising agencies that serve these businesses.

CMCM campaign tools include text for info, text-to-win contests, mobile couponing, question services for customer polling and entertainment, one-to-one communication such as appointment reminders and auto responder texts. Other tools help clients administer programs and comply with spam guidelines and include a Web widget with which customers can enter mobile information on a business' website, subscription management features and a dashboard for campaign tracking and analysis and reporting.

The CMCM platform can be accessed from any Web browser and provides simple, straightforward setup and operation.

"With 85 percent of the American population owning a cell phone, mobile marketing is the best way for small and medium businesses to reach today's on-the-move customer," says Clickatell CTO Bill Wolfe. "Clickatell's Mobile Campaign Manager brings the universality, immediacy and flexibility of SMS to every regional business in an easy-to-use, customizable package."

CMCM uses a 5-digit U.S. short-code origination address to send text messages to U.S. mobile phone numbers. SMS and mobile marketing guideline compliance is built into the product, with systematic safeguards against spamming, including a double opt-in feature, help and managed stop features.

The platform is available now with a promotional price of $199 for the first three months with SMS beginning at $0.02 per outbound message. Visit Clickatell for more information.