ClickBank Makes a Mobile Pytch

Digital content distribution network ClickBank this week announced the upcoming release of a new monetization service for mobile app developer and advertisers.

Pytch, which will serve contextual ads in applications, is scheduled to launch in Spring of 2014.

Developers that install the upcoming Pytch SDK in their apps will benefit from ad serving technologies that can supply contextual and behavioral ads from a wide range of verticals, and help then better monetize their services - something that ClickBank is certainly familiar with.

"The mobile ad industry is still in the early innings with innovation and monetization. And even though the industry witnessed rapid growth in this area over the past year, it is just a sliver of market share compared to the Internet ad market worth $100 billion," said Matt Hulett, CEO of ClickBank. "Pytch extends our traditional digital distribution to mobile, where we believe can innovate in newer, more engaging ad formats and most importantly, superior monetization."

Mobile developers are already using Pytch's underlying mobile commerce technologies. In fact, Feel Free Apps, which has ranked as the second most popular iOS app in the Health & Fitness category, has seen revenues increase by 600 percent after piloting Pytch. On average, campaigns served via Pytch have seen an eCPM north of $40 versus the industry average of $1 eCPM.