Create Your Own Android App

Making money in the mobile boom just got easier for entrepreneurs and business owners thanks to Andromo App Maker for Android.

The free Web service gives users the tools necessary to create professional Android apps without any coding, meaning anybody with a great idea can make their very own for-profit application for the Android Marketplace in just minutes with absolutely no coding knowledge. The whole process totally eliminates any costs involved with hiring a consultant or trying to learn how to code, simplifying the process for users from all backgrounds.

Users are able to make a variety of different types of applications, including e-books, how-to videos, news distribution platforms, self-help apps and much more, and their developments can then be turned into profit. App creators can earn money by linking their AdMob account to the service and generating ad revenue, or by completely removing ads from their apps (at an introductory price of $99) and selling the application for profit.

Andromo allows users to design apps by choosing from a breadth of features, including RSS feeds, Flickr photo galleries, websites, YouTube videos, interactive maps, HTML5/JavaScript pages, soundboards, music players and more, and the company promises that developers can create "one app or hundreds with equal ease."

So far, over 25,500 Android apps have been created, despite the fact that the product is still in its beta launch.