Monetizing Video on Mobile Devices Could Start With a Single URL

Today, more people are watching video on mobile devices than ever before, using tablets and smartphones of every type to view television programs, breaking news, live sporting event broadcasts and much more. The profusion of IP-enabled devices should give Web content publishers unprecedented monetization opportunities now that consumers can theoretically watch video anywhere, anytime online. 


We also know that consumers are considerably more engaged when watching video on their mobile devices than they are on desktop and laptop computers. Still, most Web publishers haven't been able to take advantage of these new monetization opportunities because of the challenges associated with formatting content for all the different device types and operating systems, as well as the many obstacles associated with dynamic ad insertion online. Additionally, most Web publishers are unable to effectively leverage their content because they have to break down and store thousands of file types and formats, and they are also unable to efficiently insert ads anywhere in the video stream in real time and target individual users.


This means that the potential online video profit center was more often a cost center due to these barriers. 


A Comprehensive Solution on a Single URL


Thanks to new technology, there is now a solution to the Internet video problem - one that enables publishers to upload video content one time, dynamically insert pre, mid and post roll targeted ads and optimize performance - all in real time as they deliver content to any Internet-connected device in the world on a single URL. This new solution, Unicorn Once, eliminates workflow challenges by making file type and format management unnecessary, and it gives publishers a way to insert ads in the video stream in real time, regardless of device type, and deliver ads targeted to individual users. 


With a video content provided on a single URL, publishers can deliver a viewing experience on any device that is similar to the seamless experience users have come to expect from television broadcasts. It enables publishers to insert ads anywhere in the video stream from current inventory. A comprehensive solution can also provide real-time analytics that deliver performance details across platforms and business intelligence capabilities that can streamline ad operations. Capabilities can include real-time ad integration and ad targeting that takes only a fraction of a second rather than hours as well as the ability to insert mid-roll ads in long-form content to deliver relevant messages to individual viewers.


Unprecedented Monetization Opportunities


The ability to deliver video content on a single URL is a game-changer in the online video publishing sector, eliminating the expenses associated with video file management and enabling dynamic ad insertion and rapid, agile ad operations. Now web publishers can efficiently deliver content across platforms and operating systems and turn their valuable video content into unprecedented monetization opportunities through new ad insertion and management capabilities. A comprehensive solution delivered on a single URL can finally solve the Internet video problem.


About the Author: Bill Rinehart is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Unicorn Media Inc., the leading provider of Internet video solutions that enable companies to maximize IP video profitability. The company's patented technology, Unicorn Once, allows customers to ingest video content one time and deliver it to every Internet-connected device via a single URL. Content owners can monetize their content on any device by dynamically inserting targeted ads and analyzing content and ad performance in real-time on every platform, allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize profitability.