ICanLocalize Offers Translation Dashboard for Mobile Apps

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 20 Dec, 2010

ICanLocalize, a global provider of localization solutions, has announced a translation management dashboard for mobile applications, including iPhone and Android devices.

ICanLocalize lets users bid out smaller translation jobs, typical of mobile apps, most cost-effectively while reaching a global audience by localizing mobile apps via the dashboard through the many certified translators and translation firms. ICanLocalize's software localization system easily translates mobile apps into any number of languages. This involves uploading the resource files, selecting certified translators and downloading the translated resource files. An app is translated along with its app-store description. Payment is per-word, without any setup costs.

Text in mobile apps can easily go out of context and be misinterpreted. To address this, ICanLocalize developed a comprehensive translation process that includes the following:

-    Proofreading and translated-app review as standard practice.
-    Automated checks for formatting strings, arguments and string lengths.
-    Issue tracking system, which ensures accurate translation for every string.
-    Glossary management, ensuring consistent terminology over time.

Software developers set-up their own translation projects and manage them in ICanLocalize. They choose translators according to fields of expertise and background from the vast number of ICanLocalize translators. Clients can even upload existing translations and get review and proofreading from translators in ICanLocalize.

Most of ICanLocalize's iPhone and Android localization clients are mobile development houses that create many mobile applications. The translation memory feature, built into the system, makes translation fast and economical. Previously translated text is automatically completed and clients pay only for new or updated ones.

Visit Icanlocalize.com for tutorials on the Android Localization and the iPhone Applications Localization Guide.