iPad Traffic Falls After Holidays

There has been a bit of a shake-up in the tablet world, thanks to the Kindle Fire's popularity over the holiday season.

In fact, insights from online advertising network Chitika reveal that the iPad's tablet Web shares fell by 7.1 percent following the Christmas holiday, while the Kindle Fire's Web tablet Web shares rose by 3.03 percent. That being said, the iPad still maintains the overall largest share of tablet traffic at 78.86 percent. It is also important to note that Chitika expects the iPad's share of tablet traffic to return to the 80 percent range as consumers return back to work and decrease their browsing habits on their new devices.

Chitika's insights analyzed hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet impressions from the Chitika ad network in the U.S. and Canada from December 1st through December 27th. The results also found that the iPhone 5 gained 1.1 percent of the smartphone usage share after the holidays, while the Galaxy S III gained 1 percent. Moreover, just as Apple's iPad rules the tablet market, the iPhone also currently maintains the largest share of smartphone traffic at 8.27 percent.